Senior Living

Senior Living Trends

An aging, healthier population has increased attention on senior housing needs across the United States. These cultural and social changes have opened a variety of new housing options formerly unavailable to older adults, resulting in a growing trend of senior living communities - communities that encourage an active, social lifestyle, ensure longer independence, and diminish the need for critical care or continuing care options.

As one of the nation’s most popular retirement states, North Carolina is an ideal location for thriving, prosperous senior living facilities. KMW Builders has partnered with several property management companies to build affordable senior housing across Greensboro and central North Carolina in an effort to meet the needs of the area’s growing senior population. 

A Home. A Haven. A Community.

As we age, home becomes more than the place we return to at night. It becomes the place where we make our best memories, a place of retreat from the clamoring world and the place where we welcome our closest friends and family. Seniors know the value of a place to call their own, and just because they age doesn’t mean they want to do without the joy of having a real community.

As property developers and managers, you can help seniors age with dignity, providing facilities directly tailored to their needs. KMW Builders can help. We’ve been perfecting senior-specific housing for years now, and we have experience with a variety of projects. Some of our projects have included:

  • Senior-specific community centers, designed to foster comfortable social events and casual get-togethers
  • Conference rooms for resident use
  • Landscaped walking trails
  • Energy-efficiency and comfort upgrades
  • Large complexes, some up to 86,500 sq. ft. 
  • Full handicap accessibility
  • Active lifestyle amenity centers

Success at the Right Cost

What does it take to complete a successful senior housing project? The contractors and project managers at KMW Builders believe a successful build requires four areas of expertise:

  • precise cost estimation and cost revisions when necessary
  • extensive familiarity with all concerned regulatory bodies and their rules
  • the ability to manage complex financing from multiple sources, including HUD, Rural Development and the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
  • dedication to energy efficiency and sustainable building

At KMW, we’re committed to excellence in these four areas, ensuring a successful, on-time, within-budget build every time. 

To learn more about our senior housing projects, please browse the links in the sidebar to the right. Each project listed includes a short description of the build highlights as well as images of our work. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to discuss the possibility of a partnership with KMW, please contact us at 336.544.0962.